The best sensor solution for your growth

The Leaf-Connect is a stand-alone, maintenance-free data logger to connect any sensor.

Solar Energy

The Leaf-Connect is self-sufficiently powerd. You do not need to change batteries.

Connect Sensor

The Leaf-Connect detects the sensor that you connected automatically.

Easy Installation

Install your Leaf-Connect with sensor in just a few minutes.


Position it on any magnetic surface.


Hang your Leaf-Connect in rows or any other place.

Zip tie grommet

Fix it to any other place with zip tie.

0 min
Measure Interval
Leaf-Connects on one Gateway
0 km
Send Range

Installing has never been so easy

1. Scan the QR Code

Scan the qr code on the backside of the Leaf-Connect.

2. Set the Leaf-Connect

The sensor is detected automatically. Set the position data of your Leaf-Connect.

3. Ready to sense

Your Leaf-Connect is now installed and measuring.

Now every Leaf-Connect send the measured data up to 10km to the Leaf-Gateway every 10 minutes.

MyGrow - Free interface for your monitoring

After you have successfully installed your sensor network, your sensors are immediately displayed in the interface MyGrow. So you can directly start analysing your data.

MyGrow allows you to filter all sensors independently. Analyze multiple locations and departments at the same time.

Zoom in your data and analyze exactly what happened at this point.

Our price philosophy

All sensors including Leaf-Connect are paid for only once. Monitoring via our user interface MyGrow is free of charge.

Complete Delivery

Plug & Sense

Maintenance free

No running costs

Our vision

Our goal is to revolutionize the way we grow plants. 
Facing global challenges like climate change, we are already seeing the consequences of water shortages and ever-increasing costs.

That’s why we founded Leaf AI in 2019 to take on the challenge of developing smart, sustainable and intuitive technologies for agriculture.

By setting up a sensor network, we want to help farms to better understand the processes in their production and enable them to make continuous optimizations.

After learning from this data, each farm will have the possibility to combine their existing sensor network with the Leaf climate computer to gradually automate production processes.

Our interface „Leaf-MyGrow“ will take a very important role in this.
Important decisions will be made using it, which can significantly improve yield and cost reduction. New features will be constantly released to help you gain further insights into your production processes.