Media Report Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark

It was an honor for us to be live at the media conference of the Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark.


It was a pleasure for us to hear what immense knowledge our sensor technology has already been able to deliver on the trial fields of the Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark and how every liter of water can be made more usable for the field and the plants in the future.


About 70 humus farmers already benefit from the findings of the Landwirtschaftskammer and our sensor technology used for this purpose. 


Many thanks to the Landwirtschaftskammer-President Franz Titschenbacher, Vice President Maria Pein and Arno Mayer.


Here you will find the full media report lk-Steiermark (German)


Here you will find the ORF TV report (German)