Blockchain Community Event

Time has finally come to reveal Leaf AI’s newly awaited project, the Green Leaf Coin. We happily invite you to our first Leaf AI community event held at Stellwerk18. Join us for an evening full of surprises and possibilities regarding the agricultural- and Blockchain world. For the event we would like to keep the agenda pretty loose and open. So, don’t hesitate to jump in and ask your questions or share your thoughts. We are very community driven and love to start the conversation and the exchange. That’s why we plan on only introducing Leaf AI briefly and then the Green Leaf Coin with its utility and vision. Furthermore, we would like to get in touch with you and start networking. The rooftop might be the perfect area to enjoy a beer, brainstorm and build the future. We would be honored to see you guys at our community event.


Join the first blockchain community event of Leaf AI. See the future of farming 🙂

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