About us

Our vision

Our goal is to revolutionize the way we grow plants. 
Facing global challenges like climate change, we are already seeing the consequences of water shortages and ever-increasing costs.

That’s why we founded Leaf AI in 2019 to take on the challenge of developing smart, sustainable and intuitive technologies for agriculture.

By setting up a sensor network, we want to help farms to better understand the processes in their production and enable them to make continuous optimizations.

After learning from this data, each farm will have the possibility to combine their existing sensor network with the Leaf climate computer to gradually automate production processes.

Our „Leaf-MyGrow“ software will take a very important role in this. It will be used to make important decisions that will significantly improve yield and reduce costs. By using artificial intelligence, it is possible to gain further insights into the production processes and thus optimize them to the maximum.

Leaf AI Team


Manuel Friedrich

Founder & CEO


Miroslav Mikus

Chief Technical Officer


Bastian Saumweber

Chief Operation Officer

Our Sales Partners


Benjamin Schmid

Leaf AI - Turkey


Markus Angerlehner

Leaf AI - Austria


Maximilian Huber

Indoor Growing Canada