The best sensor solution for your hydroponic farm

You always want to know exactly how much water and fertilizer is in your hydroponic crop at all times?


Water Level

Water Temperature

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Connect the Hydroponic Sensor

to your Leaf-Connect, set the sensor in your water tanks and measure the water level (Pressure), the electrical conductivity (EC) and the water temperature in your hydroponic crop.

Optimize for more yield

With our Leaf-MyGrow platform, you always have everything in view, wherever you are. This allows you to optimize your irrigation strategy and can get a better taste or even more yield in your hydroponic crop.

You will be notified

Over-watered, under-irrigated, over-fertilized or under-fertilized. Get timely alerts through our Leaf-MyGrow platform and Pushover App before extensive crop damage is incurred.

Everything at one view

No matter how many greenhouses you have distributed in different locations, with Leaf-MyGrow you have all greenhouses at one view. The tags are self-namable and allow you to easily compare multiple locations or crops at once.