The best connect for your sensors

The Leaf-Connect is a stand-alone, maintenance-free data logger to connect any sensor.

Solar Energy

The Leaf-Connect is self-sufficiently powerd. You do not need to change batteries.

Connect Sensor

The Leaf-Connect detects the sensor that you connected automatically.

Easy Installation

Install your Leaf-Connect with sensor in just a few minutes.


Position it on any magnetic surface.


Hang your Leaf-Connect in rows or any other place.

Zip tie grommet

Fix it to any other place with zip tie.

Complete Delivery

Plug & Sense

Maintenance free

No running costs

Installing has never been so easy

1. Scan the QR Code

Scan the qr code on the backside of the Leaf-Connect.

2. Set the Leaf-Connect

The sensor is detected automatically. Set the position data of your Leaf-Connect.

3. Ready to sense

Your Leaf-Connect is now installed and measuring.

Now, every 10 minutes, each Leaf Connect sends the measured sensor data to the cloud via the cellular network.

The right solution for your farming