The next generation of analysis and optimization of your growth

Leaf-MyGrow for every culture

With our platform Leaf-MyGrow you have always and everywhere everything in the overview. You will also benefit from our continuing development in the future, when fully automated production is possible using Leaf-Climate and our learning algorithms.

Optimize your strategy

to save resources such as water and fertilizer. Refine the taste or even get more yield.

You will be notified

Over-watered, under-irrigated, over-fertilized or under-fertilized. Get timely alerts through our Leaf-MyGrow platform and Pushover App before extensive crop damage is incurred.

Everything at one view

No matter how many greenhouses you have distributed in different locations, with Leaf-MyGrow you have all greenhouses at one view. The tags are self-namable and allow you to easily compare multiple locations or crops at once.

The right solution for your farming